Pediatric dentistry is a special, complex branch of dentistry, which includes all branches of dentistry, and yet is different, because without changes normal treatments used in adults can not be applied to children.

It is worthwhile to do regular visits to the dentist more than the first year. (In case of early caries, then already before, and so it is possible to timely spot all the pathological changes.)

The child can thus be introduced to dentistry without unpleasant experiences in the form of games. With this approach we can achieve that kids like to come to the dentist without fear and anxiety.

Friendly, relaxed atmosphere, painless encounter can create a lifelong bond between the child and the dentist.

Preventive pediatric dentistry comprise

  • monitoring the emergence of milk and permanent dentition

  • caries prevention, fissure sealing
  • fluoridation of teeth which increases the resistance of teeth to decay and promotes mineralization of the tooth structure. For this purpose, the most recent method of coating with dental gel is used. It restores balance mineral surface of the teeth as the teeth makes it robust and therefore more resistant to tooth decay.

  • learning to brushing the teeth with the terminology acceptable to age
  • recommendation of toothpaste appropriate for the age of the child