Aesthetic dentistry unites almost all branches of dentistry. The advancement of technology was brought to the aesthetic and functional perfection.

 Thanks to cutting edge technology, know-how of our team, and world materials that we use, we take care of your health and your smile.


Veneers are thin ceramic covers that attaches to the front of the tooth and thus completely cover the dentition deficiencies.

Ceramic veneer can effectively close gap between the teeth, extend and rearrange the teeth, correct exposed and distorted teeth and cover spots and discoloration.

The process of installing the veneer consists of grinding the tooth surface up to 0.5 mm to which the veneer is attached.

It is important that each of our patients, when installed with the veneer, is familiar with the negative side they are carrying, such as a potential fracture in relation to the rosary, and greater care when decongesting the hard food.


Teeth whitening is becoming more common in dental practice because beautiful white teeth are one of the most important aesthetic qualities of every person. 

There are two basic groups: Whitening and Bleaching products.

Whitening products are used to remove various pigments that have accumulated on their teeth during their lifetime (tea, coffee, cigarette, juice dyes, etc.)

Bleaching products carry such a name because of the feature that natural tooth color can lighten for a few shades. They are only for use in dental practice and under the supervision of a dental practitioner or another professional

Teeth whitening is a micro invasive dental procedure because it takes place at the molecular level. It can significantly change the quality of life, provide the basis for the safety of the smile, and we know that the safe smile is the basis of happy everyday life.


Composite fillings have the strength of topping on the tooth far greater than the strength of the tooth itself. Because of this sometimes it happens that due to the trauma the part of the tooth is broken, but the filling remains intact.

For composite filling, it is not necessary to grind the part of the healthy tooth as in the amalgam filling, so the cavities are smaller and the tooth remains completely less damaged.

Sealing filling can be made on either dairy or permanent teeth. Sealing filling is easy and painless procedure that is carried out by dentist. The first step in the procedure is to clean the teeth with rotating brush. After that on the surface of teeth that we use for chewing and eating we put mild sour acid to make teeth smooth surface a little rougher.

Then the layers of material for sealing are put on which have liquid consistency that helps it to soak in all parts of the teeth. Material for sealing is finally exposed to blue light from polymerization lamp so it can transform from liquid to solid condition.