About us

In the center of pedestrian zone of the city of Zagreb, we exist through three generations doctor dentist for 70 years. From 1989g. Polyclinic is lead by mr.sci.Ivo Matkovic dr.med.dent., who continued its further development.

In one place you can get a superior overall dental treatment. In our clinic, we are dealing with oral diseases, treatment of periodontal, dental treatment, correction of teeth, orthodontics, surgery, implant dentistry, preventive diagnostics and cosmetic dental procedures following the step of global trends.

Our team uses the most modern technology and methodology, the best materials from the world’s top producer, and pay special attention to the continuing professional education.

Our patients are from all generations, and every individual we give all our attention and care. Our desire is that you feel comfortable in our offices, and that you keep coming back to us.